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Import motorcycles for your business

zondag, 4-12-2016  

doublertrading - Import motorcycles

Sometimes the motorcycle you want doesn’t ship to your country. When that is the case, it can be difficult to obtain the bike, even for suppliers. Double R Trading specialises in obtaining the latest makes and models from various international motorcycle markets. By checking the local markets of more than 25 different nations, this supplier always finds the bike you are looking for. Import motorcycles can be expensive, or difficult to maintain, but this company has excellent prices for all their bikes. They sell exclusively to motorcycle wholesalers or motorcycle shops. This means your local market will finally have access to those unique international bikes we all love so much. This is not a quest to deliver bikes to the individual, but to create one big market of import motorcycles around the globe. For potential trading partners, Double R Trading provides many advantages over the competition:

  • Extensive network
  • Quick and easy loading
  • One bike at a time, or a whole container
  • Special crates for shipping

With an extensive network all around the world, the concern can find any bike you desire. Many different brands and a wide variety of makes and models. Because of this network, Double R Trading knows what bikes are popular and what bikes they can best leave behind. It is always tricky to determine whether import motorcycles are going to sell in your local market. They can help you with this decision. The bonded warehouse and the office are build at the same location. This means easy access to all vehicles and quick response times. It also means new bikes can be send away in a matter of hours. With three loading docks and multiple entrances, Double R Trading ensures fast and easy loading for all her shipments.

Import motorcycles: multiple choices

There are two different aspects of shipping import motorcycles that have to be discussed. The first is the quantity of bikes that are send out. Usually, an individual orders just one bike, but in general motorcycles shops prefer more units in a single shipment to reduce shipping costs. Therefore, you might assume Double R Trading only ships multiple import motorcycles at the same time, but this is not the case. You can decide whether you want a shipment of multiple motorcycles, or just the one. This means you can deliver to customers that have very specific wishes or desires. You won’t have to turn down a customer that wants just one bike, this means flexibility for your shop. Secondly, it is import to look at the way most manufacturers handle shipping. Some import motorcycles are wrapped in foil or are put in a crate, but definitely not all of them. This means your bike would not have any protection on the long journey it is about to undertake. Thankfully the above mentioned company provides custom made protection for each and every bike. They have developed special ‘knock-down crates’ for shipping or otherwise transporting their products. When you order import motorcycles at Double R Trading, you are absolutely sure it arrives in great condition!

Get in contact

It is hard to determine the exact price of a shipment without knowing all the details. Please head right on over to for more information about the services listed above. You learn more about the price of a shipment and you get a feeling of how long your order might take. Within just a couple of days you can offer your clients brand new import motorcycles from foreign countries, who can say no to that?

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