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Baby fabrics for a fantastic nursery

maandag, 6-4-2015  

You of course want your baby to have a beautiful nursery to spend his first few years. One of the elements you can use to create a beautiful environment are unique baby fabrics. Kidsfabrics.net has a wide range of baby fabrics you can use for cushions, duvets and curtains. Your baby will love these unique products and will grow up in a wonderful room filled with unique duvets, cushions and curtains from baby fabrics. It is often overlooked how much impact a simple duvet can have on a room, if it has some sort of motif. And because Kidsfabrics.net has over a thousand unique motifs to choose from you will always have a fantastic baby room. And no matter if it is a boy or a girl, we have a fabric that will be perfect for him. With the different uses for the fabric you can create a unique and diverse nursery.

The uses of baby fabrics

The first step you need to take is determine what you want to do with your fabric. Besides choosing the baby fabrics you want, you also need to figure out what you want to do with them. Sometimes it can be useful to figure this out before you look for your fabric, so you know what to look for. And you can keep what you want to make in the back of your head so you can take that into account when looking. When you order from Kidsfabrics.net you have two options: you order by the meter or you order one of our made-to-measure products. When you order by the meter you can use our unique baby fabrics to create whatever you desire. Using your seaming skills you can create everything you want. And because we offer tools to calculate how much fabric you need you never buy too much. Besides that you can always contact our support team to ask your questions about how to create your product. We have several seaming experts that can help you with everything, so you always know what to do. So if you are a good seamstress and you have the tools you need, then you can create unique products with our baby fabrics. And because we have very competitive prices, your own cushions, duvets and curtains will be relatively cheap. And of course you will have something that is truly unique for your baby nursery. If you are not as confident in your own seaming skills, or simply do not have the time, then you can always order one of our made-to-measure products. The name already says it: we create the products you want, with the baby fabrics you want, with the dimension you want. This way you can buy curtains and duvets that fit perfectly, with the most beautiful baby fabrics. Kidsfabrics.net is unique in that regard, because we still have the same competitive prices. Buying from us can be a lot cheaper than having your curtains tailor made in a store and you have a bigger choice in baby fabrics. So for a lower price you can have more beautiful products. Our made-to-measure products that you can order are:

  • Cushions
  • Roman blinds
  • Pleated curtains
  • Eyelet curtains
  • Curtains with loops
  • Duvets

You can order each of these items in the baby fabrics that you want. Besides that, you always choose different variations of these products, so you always get the cushions, curtains, blinds or duvets that you want and that fit perfectly. Unique are our roman blinds. Not many parties offer roman blinds in every fabric imaginable. This way you can make your nursery unique and just the way you want it. And because you can simply enter the dimensions that you need, the roman blinds can be made to fit any window. This makes Kidsfabrics.net unique.

Choosing the right baby fabrics

For choosing the right baby fabrics we have several ways to help you. If you have no idea where to begin, we recommend to take a look at our sample rooms. These rooms are filled with several cushions, duvets, roman blinds and curtains and then photographed. That way you can see what effect several kinds of baby fabrics have on the room, so you can get a general idea what direction you want to go. Besides looking at the sample rooms you can use our filters to look through the collection of baby fabrics. With the filters you can select what type of motif you want, or what category you are looking for. Besides that you filter on colour, so you can try and match the colour of the room to your fabric and vice versa. If you have found the fabric that you like and have decided upon the way you want to receive your fabric, you can go on and order the fabric. If you have chosen to receive the fabric by the meter the fabric will be sent to within two workdays. If you have chosen a made-to-measure product you will be contacted with more information and when you can expect the product to be ready. And if you have any questions you can always contact our support team and ask them. They will gladly answer your questions and help you create the perfect nursery for your baby.

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